1984 Menger Catboat

17' custom Menger (larger cockpit), well maintained teak trim, 8hp  Yanmar diesel,

swing keel, gaff rig.


This is a fun, friendly boat that sails well on all points of wind. The large cockpit is dry and comfortable.  Easily sailed solo, or  full of friends.  The inboard diesel makes this a safe reliable vessel.



  Menger's have a great reputation as being well designed and built.  Many fine details, solid construction, and classic lines.  With the swing keel up, the boat is easily beached for picnics or exploring.


     This boat is perfect for sailing in and around shoals, inlets, and ponds, but also handles well in open water.  2 reef points makes it suitable for winds up to 20 knots (its a real blast in heavy wind).






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